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Visiting the Eiffel Tower in a Dreamy Wedding Dress

Just over a year ago, I had the unreal opportunity to participate in a Paris wedding dress photoshoot with a group of friends.

The setting was the Trocadero, with the Eiffel Tower sparkling nearby. We were capturing a stunning custom grey-blue gown by designer Claire La Faye


All of this magic came together a few hours before it happened. Photographers Claire Bira and Ashley Pieper learned we all happened to be in Paris at the same time (incredibly). They had packed a custom dress to shoot while in town, and needed more Paris-themed photos. Could any of us meet under the Eiffel Tower and put on this dress for their shoot tonight? Friends Liz and Jen look at me. 

(GASP.) I mean YES.

I went for it. And it was amazing. Both photographers were wonderful. Talented, energetic, vibrant, fun and professional. I'm not often in front of the camera, but their guidance and cues made me feel at ease and enjoy the whole thing.

Jen and Liz made the evening a party – pulling bobby pins out of thin air, playing music on their phones and keeping us all laughing. After the sun set, we followed up with crepes and pizzas at a nearby cafe.

Coincidentally, this shoot was just a couple of months before my own actual wedding, so it was extra fun to play the part.

Ultimately, the chance to play and laugh under the Eiffel Tower, in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress, was made possible by good friends, collaboration and saying yes. Here's to more of that!

Sharing more of the stunning photos and a video they captured last year because my GOSH. I am so impressed with their work! Be sure to check out Claire's more recent captivating videos and photos, and Ashley's travel and portrait photos on their sites too!

Scroll down for the video. ;)

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