Chicago based logo and brand designer, graphic recorder, travel promoter. Graphic design, graphic recording, travel, writing, storytelling. 

photo by Keith Mokris

photo by Keith Mokris

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Leah works as designer, multimedia storyteller and creative consultant by way of her company Urban Wild Studio. She's based in Chicago.

Day to day, Leah realizes creative visions with quality brands and idea people, by surfacing years of soaked-in skills, tapping true-North intuition and imagining things into being. 

Leah's thinking combines creative vision, strategy and process, holistically. As a result, she is often asked to consult on innovations, entrepreneurship, business development, workflow optimization, marketing and communication, and more. 

In other words: let her at it. 

Travel, movement, exposure and connection fuel Leah's work. As a location-independent business owner, she is thrilled to use a crafted skillset and lightweight footprint to explore agilely and reinforce purpose, while working smartly with wonderful people. 

Leah has enjoyed working with brands like Acme Hotel Chicago, RL by Red Lion Hotels, Live Art International, Back to Nature, Dollop Coffee Co., Res Ipsa, Bellabeat, and many more. View some of Leah's work here >>